What is Silicon Cape?

There has been a fair amount of buzz around this new initiative in Cape Town called Silicon Cape. The concept is pretty simple but pretty hard to achieve.

Their main objectives are:

1) Increase number and quality of tech startups
2) Increase number and quality of tech investors
3) Creating an environment where both can thrive

Rich People and Nerds

I remember a quote I heard ages ago. “Be nice to nerds, one day they’ll be your boss.”

Nerds have the ability to create new concepts and bring them to the table but they normally need investors to make their ideas become concrete businesses. I would suggest that mentorship from business owners towards these nerds is important to make sure that these new startups see the light of day and don’t crumble because of bad business management.

This is a great initiative and I believe we need more people like those that run Silicon Cape in South Africa.

Visit the website for more information

  • http://Website(optional) Paula

    Does that mean I have to be nice to my nerdy boss?!?!

    • http://www.mikesaunders.co.za Mike Saunders


  • http://www.rogernorton.net Roger

    Nice post. :) Generally a smart investor will supply some mentorship with their money. Thats why there is the focus on investment. The mentorship is generally easier to find. (I don’t know a business guy who won’t offer up at least a lunch every 2 weeks to help you work on your business)

    • http://www.mikesaunders.co.za Mike Saunders

      Thanks Roger.

      You’re doing a great thing with Silicon Cape!