Social Media Bootcamps in South Africa

UPDATE: This event is old, for upcoming events please visit our #SocialSpeak Social Media Bootcamp page. Thanks!

The Social Media Bootcamp is an introductory half day workshop aimed at people who would like to understand social media and how to use it to market their business. We spend 2 hours looking at the entire Web 2.0 world and how it is becoming more social, have a tea or smoke break, and then go deep into techniques you can use to blog and tweet your way to a better marketing strategy.

” If you’re amongst the many people that are totally overwhelmed by Social Media, who may love and use Facebook for your personal networking or connecting with school friends but haven’t seen or understood the value of using this tool for business; if you think Twitter is for people who have too much time on their hands and can’t even begin to fathom how something like a 140 character conversation can add value; or whether Linkedin is a tool you’ve signed up for, but aren’t quite sure what to do with the connections you’ve made – Join the club, I was there as well! This bootcamp helped me understand it all!” – Vicky Coats, TomorrowToday

Some of the topics that we covered are:

  • What is Social Media or Social Networking?
  • An introduction to the various networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, as well as blogging. How they work and whats makes then so effective when used together.
  • Advertising online
  • Marketing strategy; Inbound marketing; building your own strategy, and managing and measuring your strategy.

Workshop Dates

  • Cape Town – 29th March 2012
Johannesburg – 19th April 2012
Durban – 24th May 2012
  • Johannesburg – 15th August 2012
  • Johannesburg – 8th November 2012
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