An expert in social media, digital customer experiences and helping business engage customers and employees through the use of digital technology.

Mike Saunders the CEO of DigitLab, a digital marketing agency working with local and international organisations to build a meaningful relationship with their customers.

Mike Saunders

His interest lies in how people use technology, believing that technology is only useful if people use it. Understanding how people use technology helps business use technology to build value into peoples lives.

Creating better experiences, more useful products, deeper relationships and more engaging ideas.

An international keynote speaker, Mike has an entertaining, relaxed, personal and engaging presentation style. He has worked with some of the worlds most prestigious organisations including KPMG, Vodacom, IBM, Toyota and Mr Price. Along with his experience in business, Mike has also contributed to leadership programmes for Gordon’s Institute of Business (GIBS).

Mike has been at the forefront of business transitioning into a world of social technology and has been a key part of important projects looking into the use of social technology in marketing campaigns,  internal communications, social learning, leadership development, knowledge management, collaboration, project management and enterprise social media.

Acknowledged by his peers as one of the Top 20 South Africans to follow on Twitter, Mike has won the respect of business by his determined approach to helping business navigate a diverse and complicated world of people and technology.

Mike is often called on by business magazines and websites to comment on technology, social media and Generation Y. He blogs at and can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Mike has built DigitLab into South Africa’s premier digital marketing company, he is a partner at TomorrowToday where he contributes to the future world of work as a speaker and consultant and has co-founded a company called imonline that looks to innovate products and services in the world of digital business.

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