Celebrating the 500th Tweet

This article will become my 500th tweet on my primary twitter profile @mikeasaunders. A rather momentous occasion as I have found it to be a pivotal area of my Social Media marketing. Twitter has been very slow to take off in South Africa which begs the question ‘what value is there in twitter for South […]

Tips on Creating your Online Portfolio

Creating an online profile of yourself can be a tricky concept. People are such mullti-facted beings that encompass a variety of business, emotional, spiritual and social interests. This means that if you are blogging about all your personal ‘facets’ you blog or facebook profile may not hold a persons interest for long. So how do […]

The Value of Social Media Databases

I love social media because of the database it creates! I have always found myself trudging through an inaccurate database of ‘potential’ clients at some point in my life and simply ended up frustrated. Traditional databases can be very ineffective and a waste of time because the are simply a list of people you are […]

The cost of a website upgrade?

The internet is a constantly evolving entity that is difficult to keep up with. Inevitably this means that website upgrades become and essential part of any internet strategy and campaign. Upgrades usually involve new designs and usefull new features that we hope will entice customers more and achieve our internet goals. So what does this […]

Top 10 minus 1 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a wonderful blogging tool. After my first experience with it I have subsequently started moving all my blogs across to this platform. It’s been around for ages and stood the test of time, provides a great tool and obviously has an abundance of third party plugins that transform your blog into a powerful […]

My Top Ten iPhone Applications for 2009

The iPhone has taken the world by storm and with the App Store functionality the iPhone customisability is growing rapidly. Apps are a dime a dozen and most of them are fairly pointless and possibly even useless. There are however a few useful and even life altering applications for the iPhone. These are the applications […]

Protect yourself from unwanted apps in iPhone App Store

In the new software update iPhone 3.0. Apple have bought in the option to create censorships over which applications can be downloaded. Even though it seems that Apple’s reason for this is so that it can allow adult apps into the App Store, I would still encourage you to make use of this ‘restrictions’ function. Especially if your children own an iPhone! Click here to find out how to enable this on the iPhone.