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Stats about LinkedIn in Africa [infographic]

After the demand for our LinkedIn in South Africa infographics we decided to extend our research into Africa. Nearly 6 million people are using LinkedIn in Africa. Proving that LinkedIn is becoming a great resource to connect with people in Africa. As international investment into Africa grows we are seeing great potential to connect with […]

LinkedIn in South Africa 2012 [infographic]

Over the last few years the DigitLab team and I have been tracking the growth of LinkedIn in South Africa.In 2011 we saw an 83% growth (600 000 professionals) from this year and in 2012 a 45% increase (500 000 professionals )with a total of 1,6 million people. Its also interesting to note that the […]

The Social Media Entrepreneur [series]

Over the past few months I have been blogging at on I have used social media to build a business as an entrepreneur. I called it “The Social Entrepreneur” series which sounded cool at the time but I have since found out the the “catchy title” was a but misleading. Either way I thought […]

Linkedin adds Company Status Updates [video]

I have been waiting for this to happen for some time. With the growth of Linkedin in South Africa and on a global scale it is only fitting that Linkedin would begin offerring ways for company entities to engage their clients. Linkedin have opened the status updates option for Linkedin. This means that Linkedin company pages […]

How social screening can help the recruitment process [infographic]

A while ago I wrote an article on how the recruitment industry was shifting due to social media technology. I would like to add to that conversation by talking about social screening. Social screening is the process of searching for potential candidates in social websites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and “checking them out.” This […]

Who uses Linkedin in South Africa [infographic]

I am very proud to present the latest infographic researched, concepted and designed by the team at DigitLab, the social media agency that I lead. Who’s Who on Linkedin in South Africa Linkedin in South Africa has seen a 83% increase in usership over the last 12 months with agriculture and goverment showing the biggest […]

Whats the point of Linkedin?

In its first minutes as a public company, LinkedIn was valued at roughly $8.5 billion. This made Linkedin the largest internet I.P.O since Google. Linkedin is a social network that focuses on harnessing the power of social technology to improve professional business networking. The website had about 600 000 South African subscribers in 2010 and […]

Does your name affect your chance of success [infographic]

I found an interesting infographic on the names of CEO’s on Linkedin. It seems that if your name is Peter or Deborah you are destined for success. Whereas top sales people and CEO’s all have names that are shorter than four letters (something to think about on your next sales hire). It should have been […]

Digital Business Shifts in Recruitment

As the Internet makes a bigger impact on the recruitment industry we are starting to see recruitment agencies enter into a second state of disruption in South Africa. The first state of disruption that the recruitment industry experienced due to the internet lead to the creation of Job’s Boards and career websites like Career Junction. […]