Keynote Speaker

Mike Saunders is an international speaker and is available for keynote presentations on topics around Social Media, Social Business (Enterprise Social Media), Customer Experience and Generation Y.

  1. Succeeding in a Digital World (NEW) looks at what it takes for business to be successful in a digital world
  2. Social Reinvention looks into case studies and examples of how social media can be integrated in business.
  3. Consumer 2.0 is your guide to understanding the six different types of online consumers.
  4. Herding Cats takes you on a customer experience journey in creating the benefits of friendship with your customers.
  5. Future of Mobile outlines three primary strategic concerns about mobile.
  6. Privacy in a Digital Age deals with fundamental issues surrounding the area of digital privacy.
  7. Cultivating Enterprise Agility with Social Business will help your team leave the presentation with a good understanding of the social business principles and the benefits for their business.
  8. Social Media and the Leadership Agenda dives into the important shifts for business leaders to understand about social media.
  9. Social Media for Social Good looks into the tools available across a multitude of social media platforms that will help to achieve online communication success.