Digital Life


Consumer 2.0

The evolution to a digital life

The past ten years have seen the world move closer and closer to a digital existence.  The boomer generation confidently lead the way by integrating our lives with electronic banking, business intranets and cellular phones while Generation X and Y have continued the journey into blogging, instant messaging and social media.

This digital age has not replaced the real “person to person” lifestyle, but rather enhanced life to be more convenient and dynamic.  Does this mean that everyone is moving to using these new technologies?  In our experience – no,  instead people are adapting to those technologies that matter to them.  This has lead to a more complex consumer who is using various communication tools in their own way.  This complexity is making it more difficult to engage with the consumer – regardless of their generation, income level or intelligence.

People around the world are networking differently, buying differently and experiencing life in different ways, all thanks to the development of social and digital technology.  The level of a consumers digital savvy will depend on how and when you could connect with your consumers and whether they will appreciate your presence or not.

At the end of the day you have four questions that need answering:

1. How does this influence the way we do business?

2. How has this changed the consumer?

3. How does this influence your reputation or brand?

4. What do we do now?

Digital Life

Digital Life is a presentation that introduces you to the new consumer and dives into the nature, drive and expectations they have.   It takes an entertaining look at six different personality types or digital lifestyles; from the technologically handicapped, to the digital influencers – all of whom have some part of their lives entertained with a digital experience.  This presentation also provides great insight for anyone looking to understand how to break into new global markets.

Understand how to identify the influencers and networkers in your market, and develop a business strategy to adapt to the new rules that your consumer lives by. This understanding can impact the way you communicate with, lead and sell to people.


– Gain understanding that people respond in different ways to technology and the internet

– Learn about the differences in internet reactions from a geographic and cultural perspective

– Learn a new market segmentation tool to build marketing campaigns with, so as to create better online marketing campaigns

The Digital Life presentation is your guide to knowing how to effectively define and communicate to your target audience in the digital age that we find ourselves.

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