Herding Cats


Herding Cats and Customer Experience

Herding Cats is a multi-media humour filled exploration of how companies need to rethink marketing, go beyond the hype of social media and build genuine relationships with their customers. We explore how a new breed of companies are flying in the face of conventional wisdom, and investing in building partnerships and emotional connections with their customers based on trust and personal relationships, not solely on generating repeat purchases.

These companies are actively leveraging social media and creativity to build relationships with customers and their financial results are exceptional:

1. rapid financial growth

2. market leadership

3. 75% of their existing customers are repeat buyers on a regular basis.

In this presentation and workshop, we look at why these companies are so successful in building lasting customer partnerships and what your business can do to create customer experiences that save costs, deliver results and make the most out of the social media explosion.  Herding cats is a thought provoking and compelling presentation, ideal for any company team meeting or conference, specifically those dealing with the issues of customer loyalty and customer experience.

By the end of the session, delegates will:

1. Identify that customers have changed, it’s not just the recession, there has been a values shift in society’s attitudes towards business, finance and consumerism

2. Have a deeper understanding of values marketing and how by connecting with personal values of your customers, meaningful experiences and relationships with them can be cultivated

3. Identify that the role of marketing has changed, and walk away with ideas of how you can rethink marketing and customer experiences for your company

4. Recognise the importance of building relationships with customers – similar to those of friendships

5. Gain the latest insights into building customer loyalty and how to “herd cats”

6. Recognise that business needs to demonstrate a more human persona.  Businesses should be more personable, fallible and approachable

7. Understand the importance of developing two way-mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers

8. Have insights into how other companies are successfully driving these changes

9. Recognise what you can do to mobilize the energy, passion and intelligence of your team

10. Be motivated to think and act strategically

11. Be inspired to think creatively about the future of your department and company as a whole

12. Know where competitive advantage is to be found in the next 3-5 years

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