Social Reinvention

When you drop a mentos mint into a bottle of Diet Coke the rough edges of the Mentos are filled with Diet Coke and a chemical reaction takes place producing CO2 . The CO2 causes the Diet Coke to fizz more than usual and the liquid is forced through the funnel shape at the top of the bottle. The funnel then creates additional pressure and the liquid explodes out of the spout of the Diet Coke bottle.

Social Reinvention

The end result? A huge mess!

pped’ into your industry and this has created cases for concern, as well as opportunities that never existed before.  However, social media success is going beyond marketing to consumers and is beginning to show value in new industries. In each indusWe use this illustration to draw a parallel between social media and business.  Think about replacing the Mentos with social media and the Diet Coke is the industry that you operate in.  Social media has already been ‘dro

try, social media technology opens up the opportunity to create new competitive advantages and change the way that the industry operates.

Social Technology has thrown many businesses and industries into a state of flux as they feel the effects of this business shift.  Barriers to entry, an influx of new entrepreneurs, new platforms and a change in social interactions, has business in a spin to keep ahead of the game and protect their competitive advantage.   The fact is that today’s competitive advantage won’t be tomorrow’s. The internet and social technology will make sure of that. Customers are beginning to choose a digital platform (e-commerce, social media or crowd-sourcing and group buying) to purchase from, search for and comment about your company. You can no longer ignore this business shift.

Social Reinvention

A presentation that looks into how business can reinvent its products, systems and processes to successfully transition to a new world of social technology and social media.  Social Reinvention looks at both international and South African business, and how social technology disrupts B2C, B2B and Employee communications, business processes like CRM, Recruitment and Training, geographic targeting and business networking.

The presentation is an entertaining and informative look at a number of the world’s greatest businesses as they begin to navigate the world of social technology in business.

  Business Outcomes

– Gain insight on how business has successfully implemented useful social media strategies

– Understand that social media is more than a marketing exercise

– Find out where the opportunity is in your business to use social media


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