Blogging Workshop

Blogs are a valuable tool for sharing thoughts and information, and creating a community around your brand or business. A blog is a series of regular entries (text, video, or images) contained within a website, or as a standalone site.

Blogs are where people go to find trusted information on brands, businesses, services, products, and more. They allow you to syndicate content via social networks and as a major source of trusted information, have huge reach in terms of accessing clients, customers, and consumers.

The Blogging Workshop

A practical session for beginners and intermediates in the blogosphere (the world of blogs) where you will be taught:

  • How to setup a free blog platform
  • How to develop a vision or focus for your blog
  • What to write aboutUsing Google Reader
  • Correct Search Engine Optimisation Setup
  • How to measure the traffic on your blog
  • How to share your blog with social media channels
  • How to use RSS
  • How to set up and email campaign from your blog to build a subscriber base
  • How to track your email campaign
  • How to manage comments
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Download the pdf overview for Blogging Workshop (911)