King Facebook

Facebook has become a superpower of the internet surpassing Google with the most traffic in the USA. In South Africa, Facebook is the second most popular website and its mobile website is opening the doors to reach populations who don’t own computers.

The King Facebook presentation looks at every single aspect of Facebook from profile and business pages to the latest additions to the social media platform and its adoption by our South African public. The course is constantly updated making it valuable to everyone regardless of their Facebook knowledge.

Facebook Social Media WorkshopMore recently we have added the impact of Facebook’s Open Graph on the internet. The Open Graph has the potential to make Facebook one of the most influential superpowers on the internet.

This workshop is perfect for people looking to start marketing their business through Facebook as it will provide all the necessary tools and theory to strategically approach your consumers on Facebook.

Practical Application

This workshop has plenty of opportunities for delegates to try out the new skills they have learnt. Almost every aspect of the workshop includes a practical portion to help delegates “see” and “feel” Facebook in action.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Understanding the difference between a Facebook page, group and profile
  • Understanding Facebook applications and why they matter in engaging people on Facebook
  • How to manage your privacy on Facebook
  • An overview on the latest technologies in Facebook
  • A look into the Facebook Open Graph and why it will change they way the internet works
  • A picture of what Facebook looks like in South Africa
  • A good idea of how to use Facebook for business


Book Mike Saunders to present King Facebook


Download the pdf overview for King Facebook (911)