Social Media Bootcamp

According to a study by TNS Surveys, Social Media has become the main reason that people access the internet. 80% of South Africans online have a Facebook account and on average they visit it twice a day. Over a million South Africans are on Twitter and YouTube ranks among the top 5 most visited websites in South Africa.

Social media has become the communication vehicle of choice for many South Africans. Quite simply, social media has bought about a new way of communicating. People now communicate to the world by tweeting and updating their status, uploading photo’s and writing on people wall.

The question is “Do you matter to them?”

Social Media BootcampThat’s why you need to understand more about this vital communication channel. What people want now is a way to engage with you. They want you to listen to them, not just shout messages at them.
As employees, they use their computers (PC, mobile and smart phones) not just for work, but as integral ways of managing their lives, and even as tools to help them take a break and refocus. Yet, so many companies simply fail to grasp this new approach to the application of technology that is happening in their offices.

Social media opens a door to a vibrant community of opinion shapers and a new forum for your team to interact with your customers and each other.

Business needs to take the initiative to encourage and create a positive online experience for their customers and employees or risk loosing touch with them. The shift in the way we build reputations and brands online has meant that our customers now build our reputation and brand for us.

Business needs to find ways to meet their consumers online in a very real and personal way. This will mean a fundamental change in the way our organizations are run, our marketing plans are structured, our products are developed and our departments are structured.

The Social Media Bootcamp is a crash course in Social Media and Web 2.0 with a specific focus on using it strategically for business.

The workshop covers:

  • An overview of Web 2.0: Explains everything from Facebook to podcasting and the mobile internet. How it fits together and what its uses are.
  • Inbound marketing: The process of inviting people to your website and turning those people into business leads
  • Advertising Online: Why online advertising works and how to use if effectively
  • Measuring online statistics: How do you measure the value of your online communications strategy
  • Dealing with social media overload: Described as the point where all your time is spent online but with no business return, we discuss methods of combating social media overload

Outcomes you can expect:

  • A stronger understanding of how the internet works
  • A blogging plan
  • Tools to measure you success
  • A strategic approach to online communications

Your social media training with us has been invaluable. Thank you – Ruth Paulsen (Head of Marketing” – IHS (Three Cities Group)


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