Social Media for Social Good

Here’s the dilemma, people don’t use google to search for non-profit organisations to donate money to.

The solution: Online marketing for Non-Profit Organisations needs to revolve around community. Enter social media!!

Social Media for Non Profit OrganisationsSocial media offers an opportunity for organisations to promote their cause to a wide variety of people on a technological platform that speeds up the process of “word of mouth.” This technology (facebook, twitter etc) has made it easier to spread your message wider and garner support from groups of people that are not in your physical network.

The real power of social media comes in when your support base is no longer geographically constrained and you are able to promote your message across borders. Further to this, as your support base grows it does so with an atmosphere of excitement because it is spread organically and naturally. In other words, people love the work you do and they love to tell everyone else.

So how do you market your non-profit organisation online?

  1. Build a social media platform and strategy to distribute your message to the public
  2. Invite like-minded people to the platform and encourage them to spread the message to their networks
  3. Create actionable elements to your campaigns that achieve the results you’re looking for
  4. Repeat steps 1-3

Social media marketing for non-profit organisations can be described with this analogy.

Social Media for non profit organisationIt’s like giving your message to the people in your world, neatly gift-wrapped, so that they can tear it open, listen to your authenticity and your credibitly. 

Over time they begin to adopt your message as their message, they take action as it stirs their heart and soon they are making their own gift boxes, wrapping up your message, and sharing it with the people in their world.

Social Media for Social Good Workshop

The process above is definitely easier said than done so we have designed a half-day course to help you to with your internet communication strategy. 

Social Media for Social Good is a presentation that looks into the tools available across a multitude of social media platforms that will help to achieve online communication success. The presentation will also help you start building an online communications strategy for your organisation.

The workshop does not only look at Social Media but take an integrated approach to:

  • Online payment
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Online campaign design
  • Consumer engagement and development
Book Mike Saunders to present Social Media for Social Good

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