Demystifying the language and purpose of Twitter. Twittology unlocks the power of Twitter and makes it easy to understand.

Twitter is one of the most powerful marketing tools available on the internet. This is due to the large volume of users as well as the unique culture of information sharing that has been adopted by twerps (twerps is the term of endearment for people who use twitter).

Twittology is a workshop that takes you through, step by step, how twitter works and why it works. If you have no idea what twitter is about you can expect to leave this workshop with the following skills:

  • Your own Twitter profile
  • A complete understanding on how to talk to, promote to and interact with people on twitter
  • How to draw up a twitter strategy for you and your business

Mike Saunders is one of South Africa’s Top 40 Twitters (with over 2000 twitter followers) and launched his consulting business of Twitter. In this presentation he shares his experiences in driving traffic, generating business and meeting new business people on Twitter.

Once your understanding of Twitter is in place we look at building Twitter strategies which will help you to market your message clearly on this popular information network.

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Download the pdf overview for Twittology (917)