WOZA Linkedin

Linkedin is fast becoming the biggest professional business networking tool. The professional social network has taken on the job market with Fortune 500 companies taking to Linkedin to make hiring decisions.  Oracle (ORCL, Fortune 500) found Jeff Epstein  through Linkedin in 2008 who became the groups CEO.

In South Africa their are over 600 000 professional with profiles on Linkedin with over 90 000 in management positions and over 25 000 Directors. The biggest industries on Linkedin SA are Technology, Finance, Manufacturing and Corporate with engineers being the most popular people on Linkedin.

Linkedin Social Media WorkshopsTaking all of this information into account it has become very evident that we need to get to grips with using Linkedin as a business networking tool.

Woza Linkedin

In true South African spirit we welcome the technology of Linkedin by presenting this workshop in using Linkedin for business networking and development. The workshop covers Linking in depth and explains the rules, culture and tools used to network effectively.

Learn how to manage a successful company and personal profile, do quick research, find prospective employees and network with people who matter.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • Skills to network on Linkedin
  • Learn how to create a great online profile that will attract business and keep you front of mind
  • Understand how Linkedin will have an impact on your recruitment challenges
  • Learn about the value in Linkedin’s Top 6 Tools

This workshop has plenty of opportunities for delegates to try out the new skills they have learnt. Almost every aspect of the workshop includes a practical portion to help delegates “see” and “feel” Linkedin in action.


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