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Social by design: Good advice to take

Facebook believes in “social by design.” In other words something is not social unless your deigned it to be social. Social needs to be a core part of what you do and not just utilizing social websites. Understanding this concept is key to designing social media strategies. A strategy becomes social when it leverages the […]

Social Media principles from The Green Apron Book

I recently came across the Starbucks Green Apron book and read through their 5 principles for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. I found it very interesting that the 5 principles can be applied directly to a social media campaign or strategy. The Green Apron Book is a booklet that Starbucks gives its baristas.  It […]

Social media strategy is more than Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

So often we miss the point of social media. We get caught up in the networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other that tickle our fancy at the time. We hear a murmur about Google’s Google+ and start to get nervous about managing yet another social media platform. The truth is that social media is […]

New functionality with Facebook pages

I recently posted this on www.ideate.co.za but wanted to share it on my blog as well. Facebook recently made changes that will have a big impact on the way we manage our business pages in future. Here is an excerpt of the article to explain the fundamental changes: You can now switch roles The most […]

New Keynote on Social Media – Consumer 2.0

I am happy to announce that almost a years worth of ideas and concepts are neatly wrapped up in my latest keynote presentation. Consumer 2.0 The past ten years have seen the world move closer and closer to a digital existence. The boomer generation confidently lead to way by integrating our lives with electronic banking, […]

Touch Durban and Currie Cup Case Study

Touch Durban is a new Durban events guide that lives on Twitter. The project was launched two months ago and recently featured among the Top 10 South African Twitter Trends. Touch Durban saw the opportunity to leverage the Currie Cup by doing something that can only work on a social media platform. They supported another […]

RANT! Why you need to invest in Social Media

It has become abundantly clear over the last week that business needs to get proactive in understanding human engagement on the Internet. It is too late to simply respond to criticism or appraisal. There is a massive need to take the initiative in creating your online presence. I specifically haven’t used the word control because […]

GivenGain for Non Profit Organisation internet marketing

GivenGain offers you the opportunity to act, connect and communicate your passions and missions with your world. Your actions give the world the opportunity to see you, talk to you and donate money to your cause. This network is basically a network of philanthropists who would like to support worthy causes in any way they […]

Internet Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations

Here’s the dilemma, people don’t use google to search for non-profit organisations to donate money to. The solution: Online marketing for Non-Profit Organisations needs to revolve around community. Enter social media!! Social media offers an opportunity for organisations to promote their cause to a wide variety of people on a technological platform that speeds up […]